Nimbalkar Talim Mandal Sarvajanik Ganeshotstav, Pune


  Dear All Ganesh Bhakt,

  A very warm greetings to all of you!

  In the busy world of stress and rush we all feel really rejuvenated while celebrating any festival. And among those festivals the Ganeshostav has got an extra edge due to its religious and historical importance. With the tireless efforts of the volunteers and support of uncountable Ganesh Bhakts Ganeshotsav retains its traditional values.

  Apart from celebrating festival (Ganeshotshav) our Mandal never missed an opportunity to take part in various social activities like Medical Checkups, Blood Donation Camp, Plantation, Scholarship Programs etc.

  The answer to the question that why we have launched this website is revolutionary yet simple that we want to bridge the communication gap among ourselves. Not only during the festivals but also other than festival we want to remain in touch with uncountable Ganeshbhakt who show their utmost love and valuable support to our Nimbalkar Talim Mandal by visiting there.

  We believe that we will keep getting your love and blessings.

  Kindly do not fail to fill valuable feedback.